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Tempted - Brandi Evans

His for the Taking -- Brandi Evans
His For The Taking

A Hot Mess -- Brandi Evans
A Hot Mess

All Maxed Out - Brandi Evans
All Maxed Out


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Uniform Seduction -- Brandi Evans

Uniform Seduction Coming Soon

Suzi’s mending a serious case of heartbreak. Her longtime girlfriend decided cooking school in France was more important than their relationship. What’s worse, she dropped the news via text. Feeling down, Suzi accepts an invite to a WWII-themed War Ball at The Erogenous Zone, the hottest sex club in Dallas, but when she meets Army SSG Eva Florez, she gets more than she bargained for.

Eva’s shy and suffering from her own heartache. She’s a mystery Suzi can’t wait to unravel, and the more they flirt, the more “just sex” seems impossible. With pesky emotions getting in the way, do they dare risk opening old wounds? Or do they throw caution to the wind and indulge in a night of scorching-hot sex the likes of which neither has ever know?

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