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Tempted - Brandi Evans

His for the Taking -- Brandi Evans
His For The Taking

A Hot Mess -- Brandi Evans
A Hot Mess

All Maxed Out - Brandi Evans
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In The Middle of Nowhere -- Brandi Evans

Operation Better Tomorrow -- Out Now

The interview of a lifetime.

When Aaron Strickland’s assigned to write a feature article on Caleb Douglas, the first openly gay soldier to receive the Medal of Honor, he’s over-the-moon. Meet a sexy, real-life hero? Yes, please. And in the weeks leading up to their interview, the former soldier becomes a recurring player in Aaron’s fantasies.

A man Caleb can’t forget.

Years earlier, lost in the throes of depression and PTSD after an ambush left his body and soul scarred, Caleb was on the brink of giving up when a magazine article changed his life forever—an article written by Aaron. Emerging from the depths of his pain, Operation Better Tomorrow—part homestead, part halfway house for those down on their luck—was born.

Tragedy lurking on the horizon.

As the days pass, Caleb and Aaron’s tragic pasts bind them in ways they aren’t prepared for, but it also leaves them vulnerable. Pushing forward means breaking down walls they’ve built to protect themselves, and just as they’re poised on the precipice of happiness, a darkness descends on the homestead, a hatred that will leave one man clinging to life and the other willing to risk everything to save him.


Every individual deserves to be respected for who they are, but unfortunately, not everyone shares this belief. Far too many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender youth report they've been harassed or assaulted because of their sexual orientation, and as a mom of a girl who's not like the other girls her age, that breaks my heart. So in her honor, I'm donating 10 percent of the royalties from this book to The Trevor Project, a 24-hour suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth, with the hope that, one day, organizations like this will no longer be needed. 

For more information on The Trevor Project, click here

Character Chat

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character blog

Joining us on Character Chat today is Aaron Strickland, journalist for Humanity Unitedand one of the heroes from my upcoming Loose Id release, Operation Better Tomorrow. I'm so honored Aaron and his sexy soldier beau, Caleb, trusted me to tell their story.It was quite the rollercoaster ride to work on, let me tell you, but I’m so glad they allowed me to chronicle their breathtaking relationship. So without further ado...

Welcome Aaron! Thank you so much for dropping by. I had such an incredible time telling yours and Caleb's story. You two made quite the pair! And your story…wow, talk about an emotional battlefield!

Battlefield? Yeah, that about sums it up.Dangerous but, ultimately, being with Caleb has been a journey I couldn’t imagine not going on. Meeting him has, by far, been the most amazing experience of my life.

Even despite the—no, wait, I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll just say “the incident”.

Yes, even despite that. Caleb is such an amazing, giving man, even after the shitty hand he was dealt. Both with what happened to him in Afghanistan and with his ex-fiancé. He took all that pain and turned it into a passion to help others. He helped me too. I hesitate to think about where I’d be if I’d never met him.

That’s so beautiful!I know I’ve said that before, but it’s still true. I could listen to you two talk about each other all day. The love in your voices… *sigh*…let’s just sayI think readers will remember your story for a long time.

Here’s to hoping. *Aaron grins, blue eyes sparkling*

So, Aaron, withso many great books out there, what do you think makes yours and Caleb’s story stand out? Sum it up for us in one sentence.

You mean something besides, “Because Caleb’s amazing”?

*giggles* Not that that wasn’t a fantastic answer, but yeah, I was looking for something a bit deeper.

That’s a tough one. *taps index finger to lips for a long moment*Okay, okay, I got it. “Operation Better Tomorrow: come for the Sexy Cowboy and stay for the haaaaawt sex scene in the wildflowers.”

Yes, perfect! Everyone will get that after they’ve read the story.

Yup. *winks*

Well, thank you so much for stopping by. I don't want to keep you away from your man any longer. I know you're busy, but before you go, any last words for readers?

*grins* You mean besides, “Caleb’s amazing”?

*shaking my head*Well played, Aaron. Well played..

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