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character blog

Joining Brandi today on Character Chat is Brock Michaels, Dom and co-owner of the BDSM club Restrained Fantasies. And more importantly, he’s the hero from her BDSM novel, His Forbidden Submissive. So without further ado, here’s Brandi and Brock...

Welcome Brock! *takes a moment to absorb the site of the bad-boy, tattoo-covered wall of muscle across the table* Thank you so much for dropping by to chat with me. I had such a great time telling yours and Viv’s story. I’m so thrilled to have you here. And just in case I haven’t said it enough, I’m honored you two trusted me to tell readers the story of how you wooed—and restrained—your forbidden submissive!

*winks* Thank you for having me, Brandi. You were a blast to, um, work with. *wags eyebrows* Viv thought so too. She kept going on and on about you, so much so that if you were a dude, I’d be seriously worried.

Sorry! I just got so into yours and Viv’s story. It was so emotional. And hot. Oh sooo very hot. Some of the things you two did—or more precisely the stuff you did to her. Damn! There wasn’t enough cold water in the world to get me through that first “real” BDSM scene y’all had in one of the club dungeons!

*grins and makes Brandi’s stomach jump into her throat* I’d offer to help you out with your, um, frustrations, my pet, but I don’t think Viv would like that too much. Perhaps I can send over one of the other Doms from my club…

Yes please! 

I’ll get right on that, sweetheart.

Brock Michaels, you're such a tease! *works to calm raging libido* As much as I like thinking about the other Doms I met at Restrained Fantasies, we’re getting a bit off topic. What do you say we take a few moments to introduce readers to you and Viv? In a few words, tell us about your forbidden submissive.

Describe Viv in just a few words? Damn, Brandi, talk about starting off an interview with a hard question. Let’s see…well, for starters, she’s vivacious and full of life, which considering what all she’s been through recently is amazing. About two years before the start of the book, Viv was diagnosed with uterine cancer and almost died, and her fucking ass-hole of a husband—

Easy on the language there, big guy. I let you get away with that in the pages of your story, but let’s keep things more PG-13 for the audience.

Sorry. Just thinking about that ass—um prick—just pisses me off to no end. Not because of the way he’s treated me but because of the way he treated Viv. She deserved so much better than him.

And now she has better. You!

*that wickedly sexy grin makes a comeback* She does indeed.

fun facts

Fun Facts About His Forbidden Submissive

  1. The story's loosely inspired by my friend's breakup with her husband, including her subsequent relationship with her brother-in-law and the naming of the story's A-hole husband. 
  2. I'm a giant nerd, so I put nerd-related references in all my books. In His Forbidden Submissive, I decided to forgo the references, and I just made my sexy, bad boy, Dom hero a bit of a Sci-fi fan too.
  3. The original working title was Revenge Sex, and the tagline was "Revenge has never felt so good."

Deleted Scenes

deleted scene 1

This was the original ending of the ravenous scene (when Brock makes his reveal to Vivian about his BDSM lifestyle), but when I did edits, I realized that I needed to “show” Viv moving toward the “I need some time to think” part of the story. So sadly, this scene had to go.Note: this scene isnot professionally edited.


“I understand why you didn’t tell me,” Viv said. “If I hadn’t experienced your lifestyle first hand, I’m not sure how I would have reacted if you’d simply told me you liked tying women up during sex.”

Despite the situation, he smiled. “Yeah, you didn’t seem to mind when I’d tied you up back in my kitchen.”

Her lips curled, her grin laced with seduction. “Never said I didn’t.”

Emotion forced him closer, and he claimed her mouth. His Vivian. His. He was more convinced now than ever they were created to complete each other.

“Let’s skip dinner and head upstairs,” he murmured, his lips moving against hers, breaths mingling. “If we stay here much longer, I’m liable to get kicked out of my own damn restaurant.”


Oh yeah, he hadn’t told her everything. “Ravenous is the public side of my venture, the tip of the whip so to speak. Restrained Fantasies is where the real kink is.”

She tugged closer—if that was possible. “Restrained Fantasies? I like the sound of that, and I don’t even know what it is.”

“Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, biting, spanking, pain play…almost anything your kinky heart desires, you can find at Restrained Fantasies. If you’re ready to let yourself go…” He tappedhis lips against hers. “And maybe you’ll find some fantasies you’ve never dreamed about.”

In her eyes, fear mingled with arousal—arousal seemed to be winning.

“I’d never force you to go upstairs if you didn’t want to, Viv, you know that, right?”

“Yes, I do. And I want to but—” She nuzzled his neck. “You’ll stay with me the whole time, right?”

“Absolutely. If you want, I’ll even chain you to my side.”

When she didn’t respond, he pulled back and searched her beautiful face. She stared right back at him, her gaze so intense. Could she see all the way to his soul?

“Take me to the club,” she finally whispered. “And show me your world.”

Deleted Scene 2

This was initially part of the sex scene in his kitchen at the beginning of the book, but upon edits, I felt that it was too hard of a push into the kinkier side of sex. Considering how much he loved her already, how much he’d wanted her for years, pushing her that fast and that hard just didn’t feel right. Plus, as a Dom, I figured he probably had a little more self-control than this. ;-) So sadly, this scene also had to go. Note: this scene,too, is not professionally edited. Also, this scene contains adult material and graphic descriptions of sexuality. If you do not care to read such material, please do not read further.


“Have you ever been fisted before?”

Vivian tensed, visions of uncomfortable trips to the gynecologist flashing through her mind. “It sounds painful.”

“It’s intense, yes, but painful…” He eased another finger into her channel. “Not if I’m the one doing it to you.” 

The pressure inside her pussy heightened, an erotic teasing of pleasure and pain. She wanted more, and yet she was afraid. “The pressure…it’s…it’s…”

She didn’t know what the fuck it was, but she liked it.

Rolling her hips up, she forced more contact, but she still wanted more. No, needed more. Needed Brock. Inside of her. On top of her, his big, hard body weighing her down.

“Damn. You’re so fucking sexy when you’re turned on,” Brock said. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

She shook her head mindlessly. “Eugene and I never—”

“Don’t fucking say his name.” The words rushed from his mouth on a snarl as he shot to his feet, his fingers remaining deep inside her. “Is that understood?”

 “What?” His sudden change in mood snapped her back from the eroticism he’d created. “Don’t say whose na—”

“Don’t say his name,” he clarified. “Especially when I’ve got my fingers shoved up your pussy. Because trust me, if you say his name while I’m fucking you, I guarantee you won’t like my reaction.”

Wouldn’t she?

Dark excitement and curiosity swirled in her belly. Earlier, he’d gotten all gruff and then proceeded to give her two spectacular orgasms. Would this time really be any different?


Maybe not.

A smart woman would back off. “Don’t say whose name? Eugene’s?”

His nostrils flared. “Vivian,” he snarled. The warning was unmistakable.

Okay, she’d pushed him too far.

“Eugene. Eugene. Eu—”

“Goddamn it.” With all the finesse of a caveman, he yanked her until her ass hung off the table, and before she could wrap her mind around his sudden outburst of domination, he ripped into the condom she’d brought for this very occasion—paper clipped securely to the contract Anne had drawn up—and then rammed his cock deep and hard into her.

“Oh god.” Air rushed from her lungs, and her pussy constricted around his massive length. God he felt incredible ramming inside her.

“I don’t give up control,” he snarled, his thrusts oh-so-wonderfully brutal. “You’d do well to remember that next time. Got it?”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

Sir? Where had that come from? But oh fuck, she didn’t care.


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