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His For The Taking

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Game Night -- Brandi Evans


Game Night

Today couldn’t have been worse if it had been gift-wrapped in dog shit, set on fire and left to burn on my front porch. The only thing that could possibly turn this clusterfuck around is sex. Not lovemaking. Sex. The hard-and-fast kind that really gets the blood pumping. It’s a good thing my sexually adventurous wife understands this.

She’s ready and willing to turn my bad day into a very bad, very dirty night—and she isn’t alone. She’s brought home a friend from work. The other woman is five-foot-ten-inches of wet-dream perfection, and she’s all mine for the night. Or so I think. Because my wife wants to play with her too…

And I’m totally okay with that.

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Reality intruded into my dreams with the stealth of a squad of Army Rangers.

Suspended between waking and sleeping, I slipped into that strange state where I became a passive participant in my own dreams. Aware yet unable to control anything. Conscious of what was happening but helpless to act, to change anything. Lost in those fleeting moments when the lines between sleep and wake blurred, coalesced until they were nearly one and the same. Until I could no longer tell which was reality and which was the dream…

A pervasive dry heat choked me, its grip growing more and more relentless as I neared my target. Sweat covered me from Kevlar to boots. Bead after bead of perspiration trickled down my chest, my back, my legs, everywhere, never letting me forget just where I was and how much danger I was in.

Sneaking through the Anbar Province while hunting down insurgents.

Darkness bathed the area, save for the sliver of moonlight streaming down from the starless sky. M4s at the ready, my squad closed in on our target, a tiny structure barely bigger than the shed in my backyard. We crept closer and closer, stopping only when two female voices tiptoed through the window.

My CO signaled for us to freeze and we all dropped low, merging with the shadows, waiting, listening. The women spoke in hushed tones, soft and scheming. I couldn’t identify them but one sounded familiar. But “reality” familiar or “dream” familiar I couldn’t be certain. I focused solely on the sounds, picking out sentences here and there…

He’s not going anywhere.

We’re going to make him pay.

He’ll never forget this…

Okay. Definitely not friendly.

My gaze darted back to my CO and he signaled for us to move in. My grip tightened around my M4. My index finger tingled, tensed. I pushed to my feet—at least I tried to—but my legs wouldn’t move.

No, they couldn’t move was more accurate. I felt as if I’d been bound by an invisible assailant. My adrenaline surged. I jerked against whatever was holding me—and the desert disappeared, replaced by a black nothingness.

What the hell?

My army training roared back to life and I assessed the situation. I attempted to make sense out of fragmented pieces of reality. I was lying on my back, blind, naked, exposed and bound in a spread-eagle position. And like a bad dream coming into focus, fear clamped down on my spine.

I wasn’t dreaming anymore.

This was reality.

Some sort of cloth bag—the material soft but breathable—covered me from the neck up. I couldn’t see a damn thing but I had other senses. The familiar click, click, click of the bedroom ceiling fan told me I was still in my own house, in my own bedroom. That was good. Whoever had bound me hadn’t moved me from—

Oh fuck. Home invaders. Lynds!

“Lyndsey?” I screamed, yanked against my restraints. The material holding me was soft and smooth against my skin. Silk or satin maybe? Odd my captors hadn’t used something stronger, but their stupidity was my gain. I’d be able to get free. Eventually. And when I did, heaven help the bastards if they’d laid one finger on my wife.

“I’m right here, sweetie,” Lynds said, her voice soft and playful, not reminiscent of a woman in fear for her life. “Calm down.”

Confusion morphed with anxiety. “You’re—you’re okay?” Although the playful timbre of her voice told me she was. I just had to make sure.

“I’m fine, Liam. Still a little peeved with you for screwing up game night, but good.”

I relaxed into the mattress. Lynds was fine. We hadn’t been attacked by home invaders. That was good. But if wehadn’t been attacked, why the hell was I tied up? Game night take two maybe?

The adrenaline coursing through my body morphed into lust. Blood surged to my cock, even as I gave my restraints another tug.

The mattress dipped and the heat of Lynds’ body warmed my side. Playful fingertips drew abstract shapes along my torso. “I had the best game night ever planned for us, ya know. But then you went and messed everything up.”

I couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped. “Well, if you didn’t want me to fuck you, you shouldn’t have been waiting for me on the bed. Naked.”

“True, which is why I reworked everything while you were napping.” Those playful fingertips traveled over my shoulder and down my arm, stopping only when they reached my bindings. “But this time, I’ve made sure you can’tscrew it up.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes sir.”

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