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A Soldier's Seduction -- Brandi Evans

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A Soldier's Seduction
Coming soon from Troll River Publishing

When Genevieve Foster learns her best guy friend is getting deployed, she arranges an erotic sendoff he’ll never forget.

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"OMG! Author Brandi Evans weaves a thoroughly entertaining interactive erotic romance tale that easily captivates the reader and engages them to participate in Gen and Liam's naughty but oh so much fun erotic adventure!" ~Jersey Girl Book Reviews 



“If I were into chicks, I would so totally do you.”

“You are into chicks, Lily.”

“Not exclusively.” Wagging perfectly sculpted eyebrows, Lily Collins, my best friend since braces, draped her arm over my shoulders and then motioned at the dressing room mirror. “All joking aside, Gen, you’re totally smoking in this nightie. I mean, just look at the way it shows off your rack. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized?”

Cocking my head to the side, I scrutinized my reflection. Lily had a point. The deep blue baby-doll possessed a certain breast-defying quality, and anything that could make The Girls stay in place was a testament to modern fashion design.

A delicate floral lace covered demi-style cups. A satin sash tied beneath the bodice, contributing to the grand illusion that gravity hadn’t waged a thirty-five-year war on my breasts. The same transparent lace overlaying the bodice fell in flowing waves, stopping just below my ass. The fabric managed to cover enough of my lower belly and inner thighs to keep me from feeling completely insecure.

Overall, I gave the ensemble a rating of classy with a side of seduction. Option number two, however, had a rating scale all its own.

I plucked said option from its hook and fitted it against me. The provocative two-piece leather bustier shouted sex. No, it screamed sex. The pure unadulterated kind that left you utterly exhausted and dripping wet between the thighs.

A purple center strip — overlaid with black lace — added a splash of color. The leather had hugged and shaped my torso like a second skin and sent my breasts spilling over their cups in what I hoped was an enticing display of cascading flesh. More precisely, I hoped Liam, my business partner and one of my closest friends, would find it enticing.

Liam England and I had met in an “Introduction to Programming” class in college, and an instant friendship had bloomed. Emphasis on friendship. And over the years, we’d remained close. We hung out on the weekends. We talked about the people we’d dated and those we wanted to date. We watched old movies. I’d been someone to lean on as his wife had fought — and eventually lost — her battle with cancer. He’d been the same for me after my husband had been arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

Our relationship, in many ways, was already very intimate, but we’d never crossed the friends-to-lovers line. I’d never really wanted to. At least I hadn’t thought I wanted to, but then he’d told me his National Guard unit was going back to Afghanistan, and in that moment, everything had changed.

Now, thoughts of Liam occupied my every waking moment. I wanted him like I’d never wanted another man, and thanks to Lily, I had a plan guaranteed to seduce my sexy soldier. Well, most of a plan. A few details still needed to be ironed out, like where we’d go and what I’d wear.

Lily gathered my mess of auburn curls into a loose knot against my head. “Just imagine what you’ll look like when you make your move on Liam. Hair pulled up. A little natural make-up giving your creamy complexion some color. Your skin soft and fragrant from a spa prep day. Fingernails and toenails painted to match the blue or purple of whichever sex-tacular lingerie you choose.” She made a show of lifting the front hem of my outfit. “And maybe I can even talk you into getting a Brazilian wax so Liam doesn’t have to hike through miles of bush to get at your juicy treasures.”

Laughter broke through anxiety, and I pushed her hand away. “Lily Collins, you’re incorrigible.”

“You know that’s right.” Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, she let my curls fall. “I can’t help it, especially when it comes to helping my main girl get laid.”

Before I could stop them, a swarm of erotic images invaded my thoughts. Me with my legs spread, a certain gloriously handsome blond between them. Kissing me, making love to me…

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