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Tempted - Brandi Evans

His for the Taking -- Brandi Evans
His For The Taking

A Hot Mess -- Brandi Evans
A Hot Mess

All Maxed Out - Brandi Evans
All Maxed Out


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All Maxed Out -- Brandi Evans

All Maxed Out

The explosive final installment of the Red Light Fantasies trilogy. This time, more than their hearts are on the line…

Being with Max is like riding a sunbeam – ethereal, spellbinding, a dream I never want to wake from. I’m irrevocably in love with a man who has the power to break my heart in ways that terrify me, but I’m okay with that. But now there’s a new man in my life, someone from Max’s past, and he’s hell-bent on revenge. He’s nearly killed me once, leaving my nerves frayed at the edges.

Just how much trauma can one girl take before she’s all maxed out?

She’s everything to me, and I’ll do anything to protect her. But how do I keep her safe from my past sins? Only a few people know about the terrible things I did as a child just to survive. Unfortunately, I know I must confess all to the woman I love, even if the knowledge tears us apart. She deserves my complete honesty, so when tragedy forces us across the ocean to my childhood home on the Isle of Wight, I know there’s no better time to tell her everything.

Yet little do we know, a vindictive little spider is carefully, skillfully, drawing us into a web of death and revenge.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange. While it is the third in the Red Light Fantasies trilogy, it can be enjoyed independently.

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When the orgasm was over, he snuggled me against him, and neither of us moved for a long time. I just lay corpse still and breathed in the pure, male scent of him, a compelling contrast to the clean ocean air.

"Mmm, that wasn't nearly enough of you," he said after a while, an edginess still clinging to his voice. "Not nearly enough, little sub. I already want you again."

"Then take me again, Sir. As many times as you want. I've missed you." I sat, took his face in my hands, and just said the thing that had been bothering me too long. "I'm scared of Théo. I won't lie about that, but I'm fighting it. And I'm gonna win. I am. I'm not gonna let that asshole take anything else from me. I'm not. Especially this, Sir. You and I, the way we used to be."

He studied me for a long, torturous moment, and then, almost imperceptibly, something shifted in his expression. I couldn't quite state what, but I saw it as plain as the setting sun on the horizon.
"What's your safe word, my sweet?" he asked. My heart thrilled. "Fishnet, Sir."

It was our safe word, the one he'd given me early in our relationship. I'd been wearing a fishnet lingerie number when we'd first became lovers, so he'd suggested "fishnet" as an homage to that night.

As soon as the answer left my lips, Max was on his feet, and his mouth was on mine. He carried me in his arms as if I weighed nothing. I wasn't sure how he moved so quickly with me in tow, but he did. He burned so hotly that I felt as if I'd been dropped straight into an active volcano.

I wrapped my legs around him, holding tight to him while also keeping his pants from falling to his ankles. I hadn't realized we'd stepped from the ocean air into the air conditioning until Garrett's voice broke through the heatwave building inside me.

"Is this a private moment? Or is everyone invited?" His voice, despite being somewhere across the vast open spaces of his home, still sent goosebumps racing along my skin.

Max broke our kiss and looked at me. No, he studied me, the question in his eyes unmistakable.
Did I want Garrett and Karen joining us?

Typically, it wouldn't be a question. Sir would simply tell me what would happen, what I'd do—or what I'd have done to me—and I'd happily obey. I loved him and his world of sex without boundaries. Becoming Max's submissive had been a soul-opening experience from our very first night together.

"Whatever you want, Sir," I reminded him. "Whatever you need, Max. I love you."

The smile that touched his lips wasn't the feral smile he usually adopted before ravaging me into oblivion. No, this smile was sweet and undeniably tender.

The words Karen had spoken earlier whispered in my ear Maxwell Penn loves you more than life itself.
Without looking away from me, Max spoke to his best friend. "No, Garrett. This isn't aprivate matter. It's a family matter."

"Good." When Garrett spoke again, he was closer. I wasn't sure how close until the warmth of his body made contact.

I flinched, and I hated myself for it. Would it ever stop?

Garrett instantly pulled away, but I reached for him, found his hand, and tugged it to mylips.

"Don't go," I said. "It's just, I'm wound so tightly that unexpected touches can startle me,but please, please, don't let my reaction stop you from touching me. Just reassure me it's you, and I'll relax. I promise."

"Okay, love. I can do that." Garrett nuzzled the side of my neck, nipped at it a little for good measure.
"Go grab Karen," Max ordered his friend.

"Will do," Garrett answered. "And once I have her, should we meet you in the bedroom or the dungeon?"

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