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Tempted - Brandi Evans

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His For The Taking

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A Hot Mess

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Soldier's Seduction -- Brandi Evans


Seduced by the Marine Dom

When Lily attends a WWII theme night at The Erogenous Zone, the hottest sex club in Dallas, she’s looking for a night of no-strings-attached fun, but things get complicated when she meets Marine Captain Damien Blake. Damien’s dripping in alphatastic perfection. Strong, powerful, emotionally broken—and a Dom. 

He pushes her to her sexual limits, and together, they create enough heat to burn down all of Texas. When the smoke clears, Lily wants more than just one night with Damien, which is a first for her, but with the sexy Marine only in town on leave, their relationship has a built-in expiration date. Lily, however, is nothing if not flexible.


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"[The Heroine] was a very strong woman who accepted to test her limits and experience the total lose of control. Can't wait to read more of Damien and Lily!"



Sir reached behind him and removed a black flogger from his bag.

Oh god.


No, no, no.

I’d seen those in use before, and yeah, I’d wondered what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of those tails. I enjoyed a good ass slap as much as the next kinky gal. Flogging, however, took kink to a whole new level, but the sight of the flogger in his hands, the excitement in his eyes, knowing I was his intended target, set loose a flood of volatile emotions.

Arousal and trepidation.

Anxiety and anticipation.


“Will it hurt, Sir?” The question rushed out before I could stop it.

“It could if you had a bad or inexperienced Dom. Or if you got off on the pain.”

In other words, with him, it would be toe-curlingly incredible.

Shivers swarmed over me like a transparent silk sheet and wrapped me in a cocoon of heightened perception. I was flying, my feet still bolted to the ground.

Hand fastened over my pussy, Sir trailed the leather tails over my shoulders, my breasts, and the heady aroma of leather filled my nostrils. “I like to use gentle clitoral stimulation on subs who’ve never been flogged before. The constant vibrations keep a baseline of pleasure simmering in the body and starts creating an association in the brain that flogging equals pleasure.”

I sucked my bottom lip between my teeth and let the sensations fill me, both the heavy, teasing braids of the flogger and that of the vibrator. I didn’t know about any pain/pleasure association going on in my brain, but pleasure was most certainly building again.

“A good flogging doesn’t have to be about pain, my sweet.” He trailed the tails up my arms, over my back, between my shoulder blades, and then back down to the swell of my ass. “It can be quite sensual too.”

His words seduced me as much as the physical touches. They were hypnotic. He was hypnotic. Every syllable, every caress, every kiss of leather against my skin coalesced, and something greater than need gathered within me. Something unfamiliar and bold. It terrified me, but I wanted more.


“I know, my sweet. I feel it too.” Sir cranked up the vibrations on the pump, took several steps back and let the flogger fly.

He didn’t strike me. Not yet. Whipping the tails in a fluid motion, he circled me in a slow, erotic dance. He was absolutely magnificent to behold. The flex of sculpted muscles, the flick of the tails, the hunger shimmering in his baby blues.

I watched in breathless anticipation, awaiting that first strike, knowing it could happen at any moment…

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